A 60-minute Masterclass For Parents Who Want To Learn The 3 Must-Know Tools For Sexual Abuse PREVENTION!

With Rosalia Rivera of CONSENTparenting™

When: Sunday, March 14th, 2021 @ 7pm EST

Where: Zoom Webinar (Replay will be available)

Why: Because kids need to know this critical abuse prevention exit strategy skill and how to practice it!


60% of Child Sex Abuse Victims Never Tell Anyone.

In this workshop, I'll teach you how to teach your kids all the ways to make sure that they know all about safety + secrets, including how to teach them different exit strategies to stay safe or prevent an unsafe situation from escalating.


Do you want to start a discussion with your child about keeping secrets but you don’t know where to start?

Wish you knew how to talk to your kiddo(s) about personal boundaries without scaring them?

Do you feel like a “nervous nelly” worrying about how exactly to keep your kids safe?

It’s really scary (and hard to think about) anything bad happening to your child because you would never intentionally send them into circumstances where they could get harmed.

Fact is, sexual abuse and disturbing boundary violations happen all the time and most of the time it happens with people and places you think are safe.

But the good news is nothing repels a sexual predator faster than a kid who’s confident and comfortable speaking up about personal boundaries and their family's safety rules.

Abuse thrives in secrecy. 

And that means it’s up to you as a parent to have the required knowledge, tools and strategies so that you can talk to your child about this scary subject on their level.

Bottom Line: The best way to protect your child and give yourself more peace of mind, is learning how to teach them how to respond to potential predators confidently and trust their instincts if they ever find themselves in a nightmare situation.


This class is for you if...

  • Your child is between the ages of 3 and 13 and/or your child uses online devices.
  • You are not sure what the right way is to explain the concept of secrets & safety to your child.
  • You have talked about secrets with your child but not sure if you were thorough enough or they fully understood what to say, how to say it.
  • You're an adult survivor of CSA and parent who wants to make sure you're doing everything possible to prevent and protect your child.


Here’s some of what I will teach you:

Did you know it’s easy for sexual predators to exploit the “Good secrets and bad secrets'' advice most parents are teaching their kids?  You’ll learn how they take advantage… and how you can make sure you’re doing the right thing to keep your kiddo(s) safe.

How to get your family and friends to respect your family safety rules.

✅ What 4 things to teach your child so they can quickly identify a “Safe Person.”

How to use your kid's favorite movies and shows for easy-to-understand examples of why “tricky people” try to keep secrets.

✅ FREE Secrets vs Surprises safety poster (talk about it’s benefit)

✅ Create exit strategies that will give your child the confidence to handle any and all uncomfortable and unexpected situations...this is especially important if you have a kid aged 3-13 years old!

  BONUS - Live Q & A  where I can support you and answer any questions you might have.



"My confidence in myself when it comes to dealing with uncomfortable situations has skyrocketed"

I’m no longer afraid that I’m being over-protective or giving my daughters things to worry about unnecessarily. I’m empowering them to advocate for themselves and that gives me so much peace of mind. "

-Taran Conwell, Mom of 3

"Not only was Rosalia professional, but she did it in a very gentle way, taking in consideration of how many survivors could get triggered, by her tone and all the resources she provides to manage potential triggers.

Another aspect that I loved about Rosalia is that she walks the talk and provides the information from her experience teaching consent to her children and managing her triggers."

- Dr. Lydiana Garcia, Licensed Psychologist & Mom of 2

"I really appreciate Rosalias teaching style. She is clear and research based which creates a really confident learning space.

I would definitely recommend this to any and every parent. We all have a responsibility to raise consent empowered children ✊🏽"

-Yamila B, Mom & Empowered Family Member


Rosalia Rivera is a consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, speaker, change agent, and the founder of CONSENTparenting™. She is the host of the AboutCONSENT™ podcast and creator of CONSENTwear™. Rosalia teaches parents, particularly child sexual abuse survivors, how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries, and consent so that they can empower their families to prevent abuse and break intergenerational cycles. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame, and help survivors heal and become thrivers.


Rosalia is certified through the Canadian Centre for Child Protections COMMIT TO KIDS® program, and Darkness To Light Stewards of Children® program, as well as the human trafficking prevention training program: OnWatch™ by Safe House Project.


Although Rosalia was born in El Salvador and grew up in NY, she now resides in northern Canada with her partner and three young kids.